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We love old movies and we love building animated gifs. We combined these passions and created gifopolis.com, a curated archive of retro and classic gifs.
Our Home page is the first page of our chronological archive. In the left sidebar, below our logo, you’ll find links to our About and Contact pages. Below the page links are three colored buttons that link to our pages on Pinterest and Google+. In the right sidebar you’ll find Catagories, where you can break the gifs out into Classic, which are derived from acknowledged Classic films, or Retro, which are derived from all kinds of old movies. Below the Catagory box is our Tag Cloud, and below that is the Search box.
At the bottom of our Home page is a link to our older posts. Clicking this takes you to the previous archive page. You can navigate the entire archive this way. Clicking on a gif thumbnail image takes you to that gif’s post page.
On the gif’s post page you’ll find; the full size animated gif, brief information about the gif including its file size, a download button to send a copy of the gif to your computer and navigation buttons to the preceding and next gif posts. Hovering your cursor over a gif activates Pinterest and Google+ buttons. Below the main gif, there are links to 2 related gifs.
Use the Contact page to share your thoughts and suggestions.
Thanks for dropping by.

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